10/4 VIP Picks

1-2 yesterday and that’s the risk of double dipping by having multiple bets on the same team. We better have a big day today because some you you hit me up yesterday talking shit about a 1-2 day after going 16-6-1 the week before that. You would have thought we went 1-25 by some of the messages. Your messages don’t change the result of the games. NFL picks are 18-5-1 this season so it’s a good day to bounce back after the last two days. Our Titans who we are 3-0 betting on got cancelled this week due to Covid. Let’s see what we’ve got!


7:30 EST

Lakers (-9.5) – Well the Heat are dead in the water because Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic are out again for Game 3. The Lakers have covered -9.5 in both of the first two games in the Finals and the refs put the Heat on the free throw line 34 times compared to the Lakers 17 in Game 2….DOUBLE! The Heat just don’t have what it takes to keep pace with the Lakers and I fully expect the Lakers to run away with this game tonight. No Bam = free pass to the basket for Anthony Davis who racked up 32 points in Game 2. Expect another big game from AD tonight and the Lakers should blow the Heat out as long as the refs don’t go above and beyond to keep it close. 

Result – Loss


1:00 EST

Seahawks (-5.5) – The 3-0 Seahawks will make the trip to Miami to take on the 1-2 Dolphins and let me be clear, I LOVE THE SEAHAWKS TODAY! The Seahawks are averaging 37 points per game backed by the strong start by Russell Wilson’s 14 touchdowns to 1 interception. The Dolphins offense just can’t keep up. Sure they put up 31 on the Jaguars but the Seahawks are on another level. A lot was made by the Seahawks making the “cross country” trip to the East Coast in Week 1 and what did they do? Won by 2 scores. We are all over the Seahawks today.

Result – Win