2/4 VIP Picks

When the fucking 5x JACKHAMMER hits! What a win and a great day for all of us yesterday! Can I get a day off after yesterday? Ha just kidding. No days off! KOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! Sad to see football go but it’s Basketball and Hockey for now and before you know it baseball will be back which is always our most successful sport. 23-8 in the playoffs last tour for +1 million units. Let’s see what we have for tonight.


Leafs (-1.5) – The Leafs host the Ducks tonight and we just had the easiest bet of our lives on Saturday when we bet against the Ducks who lost 9-3. The Ducks have now lost 15 of their last 17 games and after the beat down on Saturday I’m feeling pretty confident in the puck line tonight.

Flyers (-160) – The Eagles aren’t flying but the Flyers are right now. They have won 7 games in a row and they have just been finding a way to get it done. The Canucks have been playing good lately too but this will be the second game of their road trip and the first of two in the East coast. I’ll take the Flyers to find a way to get it done. #FlyFlyersFly


Nuggets (-4) – The line is only 4 in this one because the Nuggets have played some close games on the road recently. However, they have won 6 straight and they are 8-2 in their last 10. The Pistons have lost 5 of their last 7 and they have taken some Ls this year against top teams. I’ll ride with the Nuggets in this one.