6-2 yesterday and who would have thought Michigan State would play as terrible as they did and the Gators looked great at half time but then showed us the actual definition of gagging.

Thank god it’s Sunday because there is NOT much baseball that I like today at all.

Cubs – Lester is going against the Cardinals tonight in the late game. I like the Cubs in this one as long as they put out their legit lineup. Make sure you check the lineup like a half hour before the game and if the studs are all playing, hammer the Cubs.

I also like Lester/Martinez no runs in the first – I like this one no matter who is in the lineups because these guys a fucking studs.


Straight bets:

Raiders (-1) – 1-1 to start the year but the offense has looked really good to start the season. I think that was to be expected with this young and upcoming group. Today, the Raiders will be traveling across the country to take on the Titans. The Titans defense has looked good to start the season but their offense hasn’t been great. Titans have scored 16 points in each of their first two games. I think that they will score more than 16 today because the Raiders defense isn’t great. BUT I don’t think that they will be able to keep up with the Raiders offense and the Raiders walk out of TenneKKee with a win and a cover.

Cardinals (-4) – I get it that they are traveling across the country to the eastern time zone and it’s an early start for them. BUT – they are playing against a Bills team that hasn’t looked very good this year at all. The score against the Jets makes it look a lot closer than