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6-2 yesterday and who would have thought Michigan State would play as terrible as they did and the Gators looked great at half time but then showed us the actual definition of gagging.

Thank god it’s Sunday because there is NOT much baseball that I like today at all.

Cubs – Lester is going against the Cardinals tonight in the late game. I like the Cubs in this one as long as they put out their legit lineup. Make sure you check the lineup like a half hour before the game and if the studs are all playing, hammer the Cubs.

I also like Lester/Martinez no runs in the first – I like this one no matter who is in the lineups because these guys a fucking studs.


Straight bets:

Raiders (-1) – 1-1 to start the year but the offense has looked really good to start the season. I think that was to be expected with this young and upcoming group. Today, the Raiders will be traveling across the country to take on the Titans. The Titans defense has looked good to start the season but their offense hasn’t been great. Titans have scored 16 points in each of their first two games. I think that they will score more than 16 today because the Raiders defense isn’t great. BUT I don’t think that they will be able to keep up with the Raiders offense and the Raiders walk out of TenneKKee with a win and a cover.

Cardinals (-4) – I get it that they are traveling across the country to the eastern time zone and it’s an early start for them. BUT – they are playing against a Bills team that hasn’t looked very good this year at all. The score against the Jets makes it look a lot closer than the game really was but they were certainly out played. The BILLS MAFIA will be ready to go but I don’t think that Sexy Rexy’s defense is going to be able to hold down this Cardinals offense. I also really like the Cardinals defense against this Bills offense. Cousin Sal has picked the Bills as his top bet of the week but I’m going against it because I don’t see any way that the Cardinals leave Buffalo today without covering the (-4).

Steelers (-4) – The Steelers are off to a hot start and Antonio Brown has been tearing it up. I get that some people may be scared or think it’s a red flag that the Eagles have given up 10 and 14 in their first two games. BUT – look who they fucking played? The Browns and the Bears. Yikes. Neither one of those offenses will score three touchdowns in one game this season. I like the Steelers to cover (-4) on the road in Philly. I also think there will be a good amount of Steelers fans in the stands to support them. Not that it really matters, but it can’t hurt.

Chargers (even on the moneyline) – Chargers have really looked good to start the season other than the second half gag job against the Chiefs in week one. The Colts on the other hand have started out with 2 losses and are part of the WEAK AFC South division. AFC West>AFC South. I think the Chargers will go into Indy and light it up. I think this game will be back and forth and high scoring but I believe the Chargers will walk away with the win. I’m taking the moneyline which pays even money.


Teasers are my way of playing games that I’m not as confident in a team to cover the current spread. Moving the line by a full touchdown changes the outlook on a lot of games every week and makes for a lot of opportunity to take home some cash. I’ll put out my list of teasers that I like in order of confidence and then my play of the day!

Panthers (-1) – The Panthers are at home today and will take on the Vikings who have come out of the gates looking like a legitimate contender in the NFC. The defense has looked good BUT I don’t think that it will be good enough to stop the high powered Panthers offense from covering (-1) at home today. Love love love this one.

Broncos (+10) – you mean you are going to give the 2-0 defending champs 10 points on the road against the Bengals who have not impressed in the first two weeks? Thanks Vegas, this one isn’t even fair.

Jets (+9) – Give me the Jets getting 9 against the Chiefs today. The Chiefs looked great in week one but really fell off in week two. I think that this will be a close game today and the current spread at (3) looks to be spot on. I’m not sure who I like to win this game out right BUT I know that the Jets will not lose by more than 9.

Obviously any of my straight picks can be teased to improve your chances of hitting so I’m not going to post those too.

My teaser play of the day is Panthers (-1) / Cardinals (+2) go heavy on this one.

My STAY AWAY team of week 3: The Seattle Seahawks. After this team barely snuck by the Dolphins in week one and then couldn’t even score a fucking touchdown in week 2 against the Rams, I am staying away from this team until they show me that they can do something productive on the offensive side of the ball. The defense has been great, per usual BUT the offense looks like a fucking middle school team practicing against the Varsity squad. STAY. AWAY.

Here’s my fiance’s parlay – you always hear stories of chicks picking winners and sometimes they can pick against the fixes because they don’t know any better. Anyways, I’m not counting this against my personal record but if you feel like taking a lotto parlay today, here it is (all spreads):


Draft Kings/Fanduel lineup:

QB – Phillip Rivers

RB – Melvin Gordon

RB – Mark Ingram

WR – Antonio Brown

WR – Kelvin Benjamin

WR – Michael Crabtree

TE – Jacob Tamme

K – Blair Walsh

D – 49ers

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