Ahhhhh another unexpected football game. What a weird week it was….atleast it is over with now and we can move on with our lives.


Red Sox – if there has ever been a PRICE CHECK to be on, tonight is the night. The Sox will go for their 12th straight win and there is a little extra motivation tonight because they can clinch the AL East crown. Price has been pitching great and yes, the Yanks did touch him up in their last meeting but that was because a very close friend to his passed away that morning. Look for Price to dominate tonight and the Sox will be popping bottles. Go extra heavy on this to make up for the tough NFL week 3.

Nationals – Scherzer is pitching tonight but the question is, who will be in the lineup for the Nats. If they put out their A lineup, the Nats are a must take. Scherzer has held the Dbacks to a .182 avg in 55 at bats.

Rays / White Sox – Under 8 – Chris Sale has held the Rays to a .114 avg in 44 at bats and the White Sox offense has not been known to drop crooked numbers. I think this is a very good play tonight.

Rays / White Sox – no runs in the first. See description from previous pick above ^^^

Cardinals – one game out of the wild card going into tonight and they have Adam Wainwright on the mound. I think that they will get the job done tonight and get the win.