The Price was wrong last night, he just did NOT show up. In fairness to him, we can’t put all the blame on him as the Sox have had the best bullpen in the majors over the month of September yet John Farrell still sent Price back out for the 7th when he could have gone to the Pen. I’m a little salty on this one as it cost me a big time parlay and a $700 swing. It might sound crazy but sometimes I think it’s good when I lose because I can share my mindset with you guys to help you avoid the deadliest thing in betting, tilt. After missing a big time parlay like I did by hitting 6 out of 7 teams last night, most people’s mindset is, “OMG I should have that money if it wasn’t just for the one team, I better make a big play tonight to make it all back.” Not true and not a good mindset to have because you are going to bet based on the payout, not the likelihood of winning. I should have posted all of those picks I had last night but I didn’t because I honestly wasn’t confident in them all. Let’s see what we have tonight, as I avoid TILT.


Cubs – if the lineup is right, KOF is there every night. Arrieta is pitching and he has held the Pirates to a .224 avg in 201 at bats. As long as the Cubs put out their A lineup, this one is a winner.

Rangers – Cole Hamels is going tonight and the Rangers are chasing the best record in the American League to secure home field. They will be out there competing and I think that they will win tonight. Hamels doesn’t have the best numbers against the few Brewers that he has seen in his career but I’ve got a good feeling about the Rangers tonight.

Red Sox – is tonight the night? Buchholz has been pitching really good lately and I think that he show’s up tonight. It will be a preview tonight when the Sox win the division and pop bottles because Clay Bucholz will get the win in game 7 of the World Series against the Cubs and the Sox will pop bottles once again. You can bet that David Ortiz won’t be going 0-for again tonight. I like the Sox to clinch tonight.

Orioles – not as confident in this play as the others but I do think that this one offers value with Tillman pitching tonight and the O’s are at (+132). The Orioles lineup is hitting .302 with a .581 slugging percentage against Liriano.

Parlay of the Day – I’m going Cubs/Rangers/Sox for a 3-1 pay out.