2-2 ew. What an epic collapse for the Red Sox last night. Tough situation where they found out that they won the division before the game was over. I think Joe Kelly was ready to party and the 9th inning was already on it’s 46th minute so he grooved one to Texiera to get the game over with. Cubs are another story, but I really don’t feel like talking about it lol.


Blue Jays



I like these picks but just be careful over the final 5 days of the season because you don’t know who will be showing up and who won’t. I think the Jays and the Giants have a wild card spot to play for so they should be motivated but the Dodgers have already clinched so you never know.

NFL Thursday Night Football:

Play of the day is Bengals teased to (-1.5) with the over at 39.5

The line will continue to drop for the Bengals and may end up at 9.5 by kickoff. I’m not really a fan of taking either team with the spread tonight because it is kind of sketchy. I do think that the Bengals are the better team and I do think that it will be a high scoring game. Both of these offenses have shown that they can score some points. You might look at the Bengals and say they haven’t scored a ton but you have to keep in mind that they have played against a couple of good defenses. I like the teaser above and I’ll probably tweet out a few prop bets leading up to the game.