We lost on our teaser but went 2-1 on MLB for the night which isn’t easy to do at this point in the season. As far as the football game last night, if the Bengals didn’t stall in the Red Zone so much, we would have cashed easy. Can’t win them all though, just have to be sure that you manage the bankroll correctly. Never hesitate to DM me if you have questions on bankroll management because everyone is different.


Here’s the American League scenario – Toronto (3 @ Boston) is tied with Baltimore (3 @ NYY) right now in the two wild card spots. Detroit is 1.5 games out with a series against the Braves this weekend (should be three wins) and the Mariners are 2 games out with a series against the A’s this weekend (should be three wins).

Red Sox – after getting swept by the Yankees and still clinching the AL East, I think the Sox show up in Fenway this weekend. Why? Well, if I was a member of the Red Sox/organization, I would be doing everything I could to make sure that Toronto doesn’t get into the playoffs because they are a VERY dangerous team. Rick Porcello is pitching tonight and he has held the Jays lineup to a .261 avg in 268 at bats (good sample size).

Orioles – The Orioles will take on the Yanks tonight and Gallardo will get the start for the O’s. He has held the Yanks lineup to a .274 avg which isn’t great in 179 at bats. I think the O’s play with a little more urgency than the Yanks who were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night.

Tigers – Tigers can’t afford to lose and they are playing the Braves. That is a great recipe for a LOCK. Jordan Zimmerman will take the ball for the Tigers tonight and I’m expecting a Tigers win.

Rangers – Rangers have a .323 avg in 31 at bats against Matt Andriese and Yu Darvish has held the Rays to a .132 avg. I like the Rangers tonight based off of these numbers but make sure you check the lineup before you put anything in on this one.

National League scenario – NYM are in the top wild card spot with a series against Philly, San Fran is in the second spot with a game against LA, and the Cardinals are one game back with a series against the Pirates.

Mets – small sample size for the Mets lineup against Alec Asher but they have a .304 avg and a .522 slug%. I think the Mets will either sweep or at least take 2 out of 3 this weekend to get into the Wild Card game. It starts tonight and I like the matchup they have.

Giants – Bumgarner goes tonight and he has been a BUM of late but the Giants have a .326 avg against Rich Hill in 46 at bats so I like that matchup.

I’m suggesting a stay away from the Cardinals because the Pirates have a .328 avg against Carlos Martinez.

NCAAF: (Friday Night Game)

Stanford (+3.5)