Tough losing day yesterday, couple of games really didn’t play out the way that I thought they would. It’s Sunday though and it’s going to be a good day.


Well the AL is all wrapped up so there isn’t really anything that I’m too crazy about betting on because you don’t know what you are going to get. Over in the NL, the final wild card spot is up for grabs. If the Giants win today, they are in. If the Cardinals lose today, the Giants are in. If the Cardinals win and the Giants lose, the two teams will play in a play in game to the wild card tomorrow, that would be fun.

Cardinals – I’m picking the Cardinals to win with Wainwright on the mound today and their October hopes on the line.

I’m not touching the Giants because they haven’t been reliable as of late. Cardinals will be the only baseball game I take today.


Straight bets:

Panthers (-3) – After the way that they played last week, you might not want to bet on them today and I can’t blame you. However, I think that they bounce back today and they are going up against the Falcons who don’t have the best defense. I am 100% confident that the Panthers offense will be back in full action today and that will turn out well for the people who bet on them to cover the (-3).

Seahawks (-2) – Going into New York and coming off of a gigantic win. They were my stay away team last week but with the line at (-2) against the Jets who are coming off of a serious romping. The Seahawks defense will be looking to create some more turnover this week and the Jets just might be serving them up like last week. Kind of like a prostitute offers whatever you want, that’s what Fitzpatrick was doing last week. Seahawks.

Denver (-3.5) – This line seems a little low to me? Maybe I’m missing something? 3-0 Broncos against the 1-2 Bucs? The Bucs were only able to score 7 points against the Cardinals defense and I would rank the Broncos defense higher than the Cardinals defense at this point in the season. I’m liking the Broncos in this spot and the only thing I might do to sweeten it is buy the half point to knock it down to (-3) IN CASE of a fix. That’ll be a game time decision but I’m super confident in the Broncos to run away with this game.

Steelers (-4.5) – same story here as the Panthers, what a terrible performance last week against the Eagles. It was embarrassing for anyone with a terrible towel or who bet on them. I think that they will bounce back tonight at home and take care of the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

Teasers: (in order):

Cardinals (-2.5) – another team who will have a bounce back week.

Titans (+10.5) – Houston is coming off a terrible game and just lost, “the best player in the league” due to injury. Lol. After being dominated by a team with a 3rd string QB, I’m not sure this team has it in them to bounce back like the other teams I talked about above. They may get the win, but I don’t think there is any way the Texans beat the Titans by more than 11!!

Raiders (+9.5) – cross country trip to play the Ravens but I think they hang around and will have a chance to get the win at some point late in the game.

Stay Away:

Colts/Jaguars. The game is in London. You don’t know what you are going to get. Stay AWAY.


QB: Kirk Cousins

RB: Melvin Gordon

RB: Legarrette Blount

WR: Antonio Brown

WR: Kelvin Benjamin

WR: Emmanuel Sanders

TE: Hunter Henry

K: Matt Bryant

D: Titans