So close with the Orioles last night and I still feel like it was worth the shot at the plus money. Another night tonight with just one game to play because we aren’t playing no WNBA and there isn’t any football, hockey, or basketball yet. Focus turns to the NL Wild Card game.

Straight up – I like the Mets moneyline tonight. Syndergaard has held the Giants to a .167 avg in just under 50 at bats. He has basically been unhittable. Bumgarner and the Giants have let us down multiple times in the second half and don’t worry, I know it’s an even year but the Giants aren’t winning this year. Met’s moneyline is the straight up play at (+112).

O/U – 6 huh? Well you got two studs, I’ll give you that but damn 6!? That’s a real tough line. I wouldn’t suggest going to crazy on this but if I had to choose, I would take the under. Both of these pitchers have had games against the opposing team this season with 6 or more innings pitched and 0 earned runs allowed.

Play of the game: MUST TAKE: No runs in the first – it’s at (-190) but you should absolutely hammer this one. This is going to be the play for my $50 to $500 challenge today. I love this! Nerves are high for the hitters in the first inning of a winner take all game and batters chase. Pair that or should I say parlay that with these two studs on the mound and you are being handed money by vegas if you take no runs in the first.