Pretty solid day yesterday! I’m ready for a HUGE day today:


Straight Bets:

Patriots (-8) – Tom Brady makes his return to Gillette and the place will be rocking. The Bengals have been under performing this season and I don’t think that they will be able to match the intensity that this Patriots team will come out with. The “us against the world fuck the league mentality” is scary for all opponents and you should take full advantage all season long.

Steelers (-7.5) – The Dolphins SUCK. That’s pretty obvious. The Steelers have one of if not, the best offense in the league. I believe that the Steelers will absolutely destroy the Dolphins today and cover the -7.5 easily. Big Day for Big Ben and I big day for you if you take the Steelers.

Raiders (+115) – take the Raiders moneyline at home against the Chiefs. The Chiefs aren’t really looking like the team that I thought they would this year. They are coming off of their bye week but before that they got embarrassed by the Steelers in the nationally televised game. I like the Raiders at home and I don’t think the Chiefs offense can keep up with the Raiders.


Any of my straight picks can be teased to increase your probability of winning.

Colts (+9)

Packers (+1.5)

Falcons (+13)

Titans (-1.5)

Bills (-3)

I will be playing a teaser with all of these today but I always suggest going with groups of two. My absolute favorite two team teaser today is Patriots (-2) / Steelers (-1.5) – I seriously don’t see that losing and I will be going large on that one.


Big Ben

Lesean Mccoy

Demarco Murray

Michael Crabtree

Davante Adams

Desean Jackson

Travis Kelce

Dustin Hopkins

Falcons D