Game 7, the whole season comes down to one game. There is nothing more exciting than a Game 7. I can’t wait for the game tonight. Let’s break it down.

Kluber will start for the Indians. My thoughts on this are that he has held the Cubs to a .155 avg in 84 at bats and has 32 strikeouts in that sample size. However, pitching on short rest for the 3rd time in a row is tough for anyone to do (except Bumgarner). Yes, he will be able to go and he will be able to make pitches but let’s see how his location is. When pitcher’s are fatigued, they can’t hit their spots. If Kluber can’t hit his spots to start this game then they could be in trouble. All it takes is one mistake to this all of a sudden HOT Cubs lineup that could cost the Indians their chances at becoming Champs.

Hendricks will start for the Indians and he has earned this moment. I would be more comfortable with a veteran guy who has World Series experience (including Game 7 World Series experience) but let’s see how this kid does. He will have Lackey, Lester, and anyone else available. I do think you could even see Arrieta for an inning tonight if need be. That’s the fun of Game 7, anything goes and all hands on deck. Well, except for Chapaman. I think it was a dumb move for the Cubs to put him in last night and then keep him in when they extended the lead. This may be something that could cost them tonight. Everyone says how great it is to have Lester available and I have always liked Lester BUT I would want no part of putting him in a Game 7 with his lack of ability to keep runners close. One run could decide this game and letting an Indian steal a bag could very easily cost the Cubs.

So with the breakdown out there. I’d like to remind you guys that I will be live on periscope for the first time at 7:30 EST to take any questions and talk about the prop bets that are available to take.

My pick? Cubs moneyline @ (-115).


Raptors (-1)

Pistons (-4.5)

Trailblazers (-3.5)


Canadiens (heavy)