3-2 last night so a winning night. Should have been more if the Habs didn’t gag in the 3rd to the Sabres. There are two HUGE football games today and I hope you guys are ready for some fucking football! We will start with hockey and leave the best for last:


Rangers – 12:35 start so make sure to get this day action in early. Good value on the moneyline at (-140) against the Red Wings.

Penguins – the only team from Pittsburg that will be beating a team from Boston today. Good value on the moneyline at (-155).

Blue Jackets – Another moneyline bet that that has good value at (-140) when the Blue Jackets take on the Senators.

Blackhawks – Moneyline is all the way down around (-200) and will probably drop even lower by the time this game starts at 7:35 tonight. I still think it’s smart to hammer away on this moneyline.

I think you should play all of these NHL bets separately today – no parlays and you are sure to make a profit.


First and foremost let’s start with the play of the day! If you tease the Pats (0) and Packers (+11.5) you should feel very comfortable with that play and make it a STRONG play. I have worked these games out multiple times and I don’t see that losing, I just don’t.

Packers (+177) – I do think the Packers will go into Atlanta and straight up beat the Falcons. 64% of the public