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  I must start off the day by acknowledging that the $10 8 team NBA underdog parlay last

night would have been cool. But no one intheir right  mind would ever risk the money on something so crazy. I don’t have the stats but I’m willing to bet that has never happened before……anyways another undefeated day in the NHL brings us to 7-0 over the last two days. You could have made more if you parlayed but like a said, play the straight

bets and ride the hot streak. Let’s see what we have tonight: 


Blue Jackets


Bruins/Red Wings OVER 5 – these two teams met a week agofrom today and scored 11 total goals. Give me the over. 

12:36 EDIT - I'm taking the Wild off my picks because their is some sketchy line movement going on.


Celtics (-1) – It’s a back to back for the Wizards who beatup on the Hornets last night. Celts have been off since their early game onSaturday which was a tough loss to the Blazers. I think the Celts are rested upand ready to get things back on track, give me the -1.

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