Superbowl Prop Betting Guide

Coin Toss:

Heads or tails/Pats or Falcons/Will the team that chooses heads or tails be correct/Will the team that wins the toss win the game?

If you’re looking to get action in on the coin toss then you have issues….no real value here unless you are ok with the 50/50 odds.

How long will it take Luke Bryan to sing the National Anthem O/U 2:15?

I would roll with the under because the average length of the last 11 anthems at the Superbowl have been 1:58. Again, this isn’t a prop that I’m lining up to throw my money on but if you’re taking it – take the under.

Luke Bryan outfit props – please do yourself a favor and don’t bother with these. Talk about something that is easy to doctor and generate money. “Hey Luke, it’s Vegas. You can’t wear the jeans tonight because we have over 500k saying you will, roll with the kakis.” STAY AWAY.

Same goes for the Gaga bitch and the half time show. Hair color, ward robe malfunction, ect….easily fixable stuff guys. If you’re looking to bet strictly for the chance you might win go ahead but these bets are fixable and they will be. If you’re going to take the first song bet, at least make it Just Dance….that’s a good one.

On to the real stuff now:

First score of the game? Field goal or other score (+135) – I’ll take the value in this. This is projected to be a shoot out but I like the first score to be a field goal.

Team to score first: toss up – not a huge favorite on taking this sort of prop.

Team to score last: Patriots (-115). I will be picking New England to win this game. Whether the last score is to come from behind for the win or build a lead, I like them to score last. If the situation arises – Tom Brady in the 2 minute drill is worth the -115.

First touchdown scorer: Legarrette Blount (+800) – the Falcons don’t have a very good run defense (allowed over 100 rushing yds per game this year) and I think the Patriots will take advantage of that early and often – especially in the Red Zone.

Odds to win MVP: Tom Brady (+160)

Who will the MVP thank first? Teammates (+200)

What color will the gatorade be? It’s always multiple colors now so I don’t think it’s worth the risk. If you are really looking to get action on this you should hit up @MindOfQuinn – he has hit on this four years in a row.

Alternate spread: I got two for you – Pats (-10.5) for (+275) & Pats (+10.5) but it’s (-700). I’d risk 7k to win 1k on Pats (+10.5) – there is no chance that Belichick loses a Superbowl by 10+ points – NO WAY.

Total Points Patriots O/U 30.5 – Under.

Total Points Falcons O/U 27 – Under or push.

Anytime touchdown scorers:

Julio Jones (-150)

Legarrette Blount (-150)

Julian Edelman (-125)

Exact number of touchdowns: 7 (+450)

Margin of Victory: Patriots win by 1-6 points (+350)

Will the first half end in a tie: Yes (+900) – I think that is GREAT value and I could easily see this game being 14-14 or 10-10 at half. 9-1 is great value to take a shot on this.

Matt Ryan total touchdown passes O/U/ 2.5 – OVER (-155)– I think Matty Ice will throw 3 or more td passes in this game.

Tom Brady total completions O/U 25 – OVER (-125) – going with the over on this because no matter what they say, this is Brady’s shining moment. This is the game that everyone is watching. This is the game he proves all the haters wrong and puts on a show. I like him to have over 25 completions in this game.

Matt Ryan total Interceptions thrown O/U 0.5 – OVER – Love him or hate him, we all know that Belichick is great when it comes to drawing up a scheme to confuse opposing Quarterbacks who are “unstoppable.” Ask Peyton Manning. I think the Pats will have a scheme drawn up that will confuse Matt Ryan a bit and this will lead to him throwing at least one interception.

Matt Ryan total rushing yards O/U 2.5 – OVER – He had more than 2.5 rushing yards in 9 games this season. I think the Pats will be able to force him out of the pocket and he has the ability to break off some nice runs. 2.5 yards is EASY for him to beat.

Legarrette Blount total rushing yards O/U 57.5 – OVER – He has gone under in 8 of the 14 games with Brady playing but I still think you should take the over and here’s why: Atlanta was in the middle of the pack for rushing defense this year allowing just under 105 yards per game (16 of 32) – the only way that they have a chance at winning this game is if they get pressure on Brady. If they are bringing guys off the edge to get to Brady, that is going to open up some holes for the Blount and he will rack up the yards. #KeepItRolling

Total Rushing Yards in the game for the Falcons O/U 105.5 – UNDER – The Patriots were great against the run this season and only allowed 88.6 yards per game which was 4th best in the NFL. The only thing that scares me about this one is that Belichick very well may dare the Falcons to run the ball and tighten up in the Red Zone in order to keep them from throwing the ball down the field. I do still like the under at 105.5 though…

Who will catch a pass first – James White or Julian Edelman (-200)? Give me Edelman on this all day long. How is this even a prop?

Julian Edelman total receptions O/U 7.5 – OVER – Sunday is a big game, Brady goes to Edelman in big games. Here are some stats for you Superbowl 49 Edelman 9 receptions, 15’-16’ divisional round vs KC 10 receptions, 15’16’ championship round 7 @ Den (Gronk was playing), 16’17’ divisional round 8, 16’17’ championship round 8. Brady trust Jules, that’s his guy. Take the over on this one.

Will a roughing the passer penalty be called in the game? Yes (+120) absolutely. With the two quarterbacks playing, we are bound to see multiple roughing the passer calls. Good value at +120 too.

Team to record more first downs: Patriots (-130) – the Patriots are the kind of team that string drives together and get multiple first downs (“That play good for another Patriots,, FIRST DOWN!!”) and the Falcons make the big plays. Although I think the Pats will take away the big play ability this Sunday, I still like the Patriots to get more “FIRST DOWNS.”

If the Patriots win will Brady, Belichick, or Kraft be seen shaking Goodell’s hand? No (+110) – no chance that either side wants to be shaking the other’s hand. I don’t think you will see a handshake, maybe a pat on the shoulder.

How many times will “Trump” be mentioned during the live broadcast? O/U (1.5) – I’ll take the over on this. Fox is doing the game so I would assume that those guys would be happy to bring up Trump and his relationship with the Patriots.

How many times will “Gronk” or “Gronkowski” be mentioned during the live broadcast? O/U 3 – over all day. How can they not talk about Gronk?

What will be higher on Sunday? Julio Jones receiving yards or Celtics points scored? Give me the Celts points scored who will be playing the Clippers.