5-2 overall last night, Dodgers were the gaggers of the night. Actually Blackhawks too. Still a pretty good night and a nice slate tonight. I'm not crazy about any of the day games today.


Jays - Happ gets the start tonight and he has dominated the Orioles. He's held them to a career avg of .212 in 146 at bats. Pretty good sample size to show that he's got their number. The Jays only have 8 career at bats against Bundy without a hit but I think that they will be able to get Happ the run support he needs tonight for the W. Listed at plus money right now too.

Red Sox - the day has finally come, Chris Sale is pitching for the Red Sox tonight. The Red Sox. You should be excited for this even if you're not a Red Six fan because this is going to be a nice money making opportunity every five days. The Pirates lineup only has 3 guys that have ever faced Sale and they are 1-7. Pirates have young phenom James Taillon going who will be on the big stage with Sale at Fenway Park. I like the Red Sox tonight with Sale dominating. It's always tough for a lineup seeing a pitcher for the first time, even tougher when it's Chris Sale.

Mets - deGrom gets the ball tonight against the Braves and he will face old friend Bartolo Colon. DeGrom has held the Braves to a .237 avg in 93 at bats. The Mets have a .284 avg against Colon with a .567 slug% in 67 at bats. LETS GO METS.

Rangers/Indians - no runs in the first. Salazar and Hamels have held the opposing lineups to a combined .235 avg in over 100 at bats.


Keep your eyes on the status of Lebron. I'm hearing he isn't going to play tonight. I like the Celts if he is out!