Pirates - the Pirates have a .360 avg in 25 at bats against Foltynewicz. Small sample size but I also like the fact that they have Ivan Nova pitching for them and only 5 guys in the Braves lineup have seen him.

NATIONALS - make it a big play today. Scherzer is pitching and he's held the Phillies to a .232 avg in 168 at bats. This is my strongest play of the day and it should be yours too.

Indians - not much history in this match up due to it being an inter league matchup. I'm picking the Tribe just because they look to have picked up right where they left off last season. Sometimes you just go with your gut.

Mets/Marlins - no runs in the first. Wheeler has held the fish to a .118 avg in 68 at bats with 22 Ks and Chen has held the Mets to a .205 avg in 78 at bats with 20 Ks. I also like under 7.5 in this game.

NBA/NHL - you guys know how I feel about the last weeks of regular seasons. STAY AWAY. You don't know what you're going to get.


Mickekson over Cabrera Bello