3-0 on MLB and Warriors blew our NBA parlay. Let's keep the MLB hot.


Mets - Harvey is going tonight and he doesn't have great numbers against the Phillies. I'm rolling with him tonight because he had a good outing last week and he looks to be healthy. Healthy Harvey = more money for us. Oh yea and he's facing some Fuchholz guy...

Rangers - Cole Hamels has held the Angels to a .222 avg in 207 at bats. The Rangers need to turn this thing around quick and there's no better day to do it then when you have your ace on the mound.

Pirates - Taillon is the real deal and I'm jumping all over him tonight. Not crazy about his numbers against the Reds but those are in the past. This guy showed how he can dominate last week in his first start and I'm expecting more of the same tonight.

Blue Jays - Happ has held the Brewers to a .220 avg in 50 at bats. I'm expecting the Jays bats to come out and play tonight against Peralta.


Series prices:

Capitals (-400)

Bruins (-180)

Blackhawks (-210)

Sharks (+120)