Well fuck me, tough night with 3 MLB games going oppo. Can't be a winner every night, stick to the system and you'll profit!


Nats - Scherzer alert. He's held the Cardinals to a .241 avg in 87 at bats. The Nats bats have a .319 avg and 558 slg% in 113 at bats against Leake. Make it a strong play.

Blue Jays - fucked us last night but I'm going right back to them with Stroman pitching tonight. Just because. I gotta feeling.

Cubs - John Lackey going tonight and has held the Dodgers to a .229 avg in 70 at bats. The few Dodgers that have seen McCarthy have absolutely tagged him. I like the Cubs running away with this one.


Rangers (+130)

Bruins (-130)

Penguins (-160)