Tough night and the results definitely didn't follow the trends. Tigers get blown away and Giants lose.


Nationals - Strasburg has held the Phillies to a .210 avg in 105 at bats. The Nats have a .328 avg in 58 at bats against Nola and they owe us one.

Mets - Syndergaard going tonight and after a game where they played 16 innings, the bullpens are shot. I don't think the Marlins have a chance at winning tonight when Sydnergaard matches up with Volquez. This is the same matchup as last Sunday and I'm expecting the same result.

Dodgers - Kershaw taking on Grienke tonight. I like a no runs in the first bet on this game. Kershaw has held the Dbacks to a .235 avg in 136 at bats. The Dodgers are hitting just under .275 against Greinke in 88 at bats.