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Celtics....I'm done betting on the Celtics for the year. Even if they turn this series around I'm done betting on the Celtics this year. What a major let down last night was. Hopefully you played Scherzer alone and the NBA TEASER of Bucks/Jazz. 


Cubs - Hendricks has held the Brew Crew to a .167 avg in 78 at bats. The Cubs own a .405 avg in just under 40 at bats against Milone. I like the Cubs for some afternoon action.

Giants - Bumgarner has struck out the Royals in 7 of their 22 combined at bats against him. Small sample size but it's enough for me to back the Giants tonight.

Dodgers - Kershaw! He's held the Rockies to a .243 avg in 235 at bats. He did take the loss against them on 4/8 but I like him to get the win tonight. He only got 2 runs from his offense on 4/8.

Play all of these individually. That's how you break out of the slump!




I'm doing it again even after they both let us down two nights ago. I think they'll make up for it tonight.

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