4-1 yesterday! That's a pretty fucking good Saturday! 


Red Sox - Chris Sale day and I'm expecting total domination from him. Hopefully the Sox lineup can keep the bats going like they did yesterday and come up with a big win for us.

Giants - Cueto has held the Reds to a .241 avg in a small sample size of 29 at bats. He's got 8 Ks out of those 29 at bats which I like the sound of. I'm liking the Giants today.

Yankees - good matchup on Sunday night baseball tonight. The Yanks will take on Lester who they have great numbers against. .345 avg in 55 at bats. No one on the Cubs has faced Severino before but I trust him to do the job while the Yanks bats come out to play again today. This is at +110 right now so it's super good value.


So the Celts got blown out the other night and we should stay away tonight right? WRONG. Celts bounce back tonight and get a huge win in game 4 then bring the series back to Boston up 3-1. +165 is better value than finding an open cash register at Walmart. Lock it up!


Oilers - I like the Oilers to win tonight on their home ice and force a game 7!