1-3 last night but if you were on the Braves play you didn’t turn out losing too much. It closed at +210 on Bovada. That was the only game that went the way it was supposed to for our plays yesterday though. Under was looking good in Cincy until it turned into a fucking homerun derby. Rangers were up 5-1 and ended up loses 9-7. BUMgarner gave up two dongs and the Giants offense couldn’t dig out of the hole. With that said, I’m pretty fucking proud for taking the Braves at +185 and it closed at +210. It was still even money in the first inning when they were up 2-0 with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Anyways – you guys know we will have losing nights here and there but you need to make sure you manage the bankroll and you’ll profit over the long run. DM me with any questions about bankroll management. There are some huge opportunities today and we are going to take advantage of them!

MLB: (On the laptop today so no baseball emojis)

Cubs (Arrieta) 4x baseballs – Arrieta has held the Cardinals to a .197 avg in 122 at bats. The Cubs have a .253 avg against Martinez but when they do hit him, they hit him hard. Rizzo has 3 homeruns lifetime against Martinez.

Red Sox (Sale) 5x baseballs – this is my play of the day and it’s already at -200 but will continue to drop as we get closer to first pitch on the West coast tonight in LA. Yes, the moneyline is the play of the day because the Red Sox offense is hit or miss (more of a miss when Sale pitches it seems). I will take the matchup tonight against the Angels. Sale has held the Angels lineup to a .191 avg in 94 at bats. The Sox offense will take on Nolasco who they own a .283 avg in 60 at bats against. Hanley Ramirez has taken Nolasco deep one time before.

Braves/Dodgers Over 7 – oh, you guys thought I was going BOLD two days in a row huh? They do have good numbers against Wood but the Dodgers also have good numbers against Garcia. HEADS UP on this over bet – only take it if these two pitchers are starting the game. There is trade talk going on about Garcia. Here are the numbers for you – Braves have a .375 avg and .475 slg% in 40 at bats. The Dodgers have a .357 avg and .500 slg% against Garcia in 28 at bats. (Trippy that the Dodgers have the same avg and slg against Garcia tonight that the Braves had against McCarthy last night – oh I’m such a fucking baseball nerd #NUMBERS).

These are really the only three plays that I like tonight. We have had a mediocre week so depending on your bankroll, see below:

If you are down this week – play all three of these as individual plays.

If you are even or UP this week – play all three individual and parlay all 3.

If we don’t go 3-0 tonight I will extend every VIP members membership one week for free.