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How bout that run support for Kershaw last night? Lol. Let’s have a BIG first Saturday of College Football Season.


Cubs (Lester) – 5x baseballs – Jon Lester has dominated the Braves by holding them to a .214 avg in 154 at bats life time. He also has 40 strikeouts against them. The Cubbies bats will take on Lucas Sims who they have never seen before but something tells me that they will get to him early and often today.

Nationals (SCHERZER) – 5x baseballs – Max Scherzer has held the Brewers lineup to a .208 avg in 72 at bats. The Brew Crew lineup is 15-72 against him and only 3 of those 15 hits were extra base hits (3 doubles). Scherzer will do his job so it’s up to the Nats bats to give him the run support that he needs. They have never seen Woodruff before but I think the Nats WOOD bats will be RUFF against him today.

Dodgers (Darvish) – The Dodgers let us down last night by only scoring 1 run when we dropped the hammer on the -1.5. I’m taking the Dodgers again tonight with Darvish on the mound. The Dodgers lineup has a .312 avg in 93 at bats against Lyles. Run support run support run support.


Ok, for those of you who have not been around for a football season before – here’s how I do things. I start out by laying out some straight bets with break downs (my favorite plays of the day) then below I do a parlay/teaser tab. When I post multiple teasers, I suggest taking them in groups of 2 or 3. If there is something I absolutely love that is more than that, I will specify. Two years ago was probably the best teaser ever and it was a 7 team NFL teaser capped off by a Giants comeback against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football. Yes, you can bet your ass that this Patriots fan was a HUGE Giants fan that night. So let’s fucking get it den.

Straight bets:

Alabama (-7) – I mean, we have to start with the best one right? ROLL DAMN TIDE! Alabama was 14-1 last year, 8-0 in the SEC. Florida State was 10-3 last year and 5-3 in the ACC. I’m expecting Bama to come out and establish the POWER run game with Bo Scarborough. That will help them dominate in time of possession which is key because believe it or not, I’m skeptical of their defense this year. They lost 7 absolute studs from the front 7 last year so it is certainly a question of how the new guys will perform. I mean, Bama is Bama but let’s see how the D looks tonight. Dalvin Cook is gone for Florida St so Deondre Francois will need to step up this year and find new playmakers. So if this BAMA D can put some pressure on him, I can see them forcing a few turnovers. Parlay that with a few more rushing TDs from BIG OL BO and you got a Bama team covering the -7 easily. ROLL DAMN TIDE.

Michigan (-5.5) – Two years ago Michigan routed Florida 41-7 in Citrus Bowl. What does that have to do with today’s game? I’m expecting another route. The Gators will be without TEN players who are suspended for “mis-using” school funds last month. Lol. Starting running back Jordan Scarlett will be missing today and that won’t be good for Florida because quarterback is a mystery for them. They plan to rotate three guys in and out. I just think this is a recipe for an absolute blowout by Michigan and I will be pounding the -5.

Georgia (-14) – Appalachian St. had a top 20 defense last year (total defense) BUT they lost 5 of their top 10 tacklers since then. There will be some holes and I think UGA Senior running back Nick Chubb will find them. I’m not under estimating App St. but let’s face it SEC>>>Sun Belt. Jacob Eason is in his second year at QB for the Bulldogs and I think these dawgs will be doing a lot of fucking barking this year. Give me the -14 today.

TEASERS (play in sets of 2 or 3):

Bama (-1)

Michigan (+0.5)

Georgia (-8)

LSU (-8.5)

Coastal Carolina (+8.5)

Kentucky (-4.5)


What’s my strategy here? Taking multiple BIG moneylines and heavy favorites to get playable odds. It’s basically printing money.

Texas/Notre Dame/LSU/Georgia/Louisville/Mississippi (-156)

That’s what I like for the first College Football Saturday of the year. DM me with any questions you guys might have on other games. Enjoy!

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