What a day to open the first College Football Saturday! Absolutely fucking killed it!


DBacks (Godley) 4x Baseballs – Godley has held the Rockies to a .156 avg in 32 at bats. The Dbacks are hitting .277 in 65 at bats against Marquez – Goldschmidt has 2 bombs against him as well. I’m really liking the Dbacks in this matchup.

Dodgers (Wood) -1.5 3x baseballs – Dodgers have been on a serious slide and have lost 8 of their last 11. Crazy to see this kind of slump for them after the way they have been playing ball all year. I’m hesitant to take the run line on this based on how cold they have been but I’m more confident in taking the run line for less than hammering the moneyline for more. The Dodgers have a .325 avg in 160 at bats against Chacin. The Padres are only hitting .146 in 48 at bats against Wood with 1 extra base hit. I’m going Dodgers run line.

Red Sox (Sale) 4x baseballs – Both Sale and Severino got knocked around the park last time they faced these opposing lineups. If we are expecting the same results tonight then the over at 7 is a lock. BUT – I’m not expecting the same. Sale had two rough outings and he has bounced back since then. I’m going to look at his full body of work against this lineup and not just the last time he faced them. He’s held this Yankees lineup to a .212 avg in 165 at bats with 65 strikeouts. Huge game tonight and I think Sale will show up and dominate.


West Virginia (+180) – That’s right, I’m hitting the moneyline in this one. You can take the +4.5 as a safe play but I like WV to win this game out right. Let’s take a look at the QB situation for both teams. Virginia Tech has a redshirt freshman Josh Jackson (Not the one who wouldn’t work out for the Celtics) starting who won the job early in camp. It’s one thing to look good in practice during training camp and it’s another thing to step on the field in primetime against an opposing top 25 team in a major rivalry game. You see where I’m going with this. Will Grier will start his first game at QB for WV but he is a transfer from Florida and was 6-0 at Florida before he was suspended for performance enhancing drugs. Hopefully he is still on something for tonight and he hasn’t been tested yet, just kidding, no I’m not. West Virginia has the clear edge at quarterback and yes, I value that more than anything. I’d give the edge to Virginia Tech on the defensive side of the ball because they have more returning players and WVU had to replace 4 of their top 5 tacklers from last season. However, the WVU defense has a very strong and deep D line which will put pressure on the redshirt freshman quarterback Jackson tonight and make things easier on the rest of the defense to force turnovers. Trivia Sunday – what happens when a redshirt freshman QB gets pressure in his first prime time RIVALRY game? Answer – he shits his pants.

WVU moneyline +180 is the play.