Cubs (Arrieta) – 5x baseballs – Arrieta has held the Pirates to a .244 avg in 180 at bats. The Cubs are hitting a whopping .394 in 66 at bats with 5 homers. Cubs need to be a STRONG play today.

Rangers (Cashner) – 4x baseballs – The Rangers will take on the Braves and R.A Dick in a box Dickey is pitching who the Rangers lineup own a .311 avg and .511 slg% in 103 at bats.

Brewers (Anderson) – 4x baseballs – The Brew Crew will take on the Reds and Homer Bailey today. .295 avg and .598 slg% in 112 at bats for the Brewers against Homer Bailey. This lineup has 9 bombs against Homer Bailey so I’m thinking it’ll be bombs away for them today.

Play all three as individual plays today.