2-1 yesterday, Tanaka let us down against the Jays who he has always dominated. What a marathon that fucking Dbacks game was huh? Runs, runs, runs. I tried to watch it but it wasn’t just the runs slowing it down. Pitcher steps off, batter steps out, full count, walk, walk, pitchers steps off, batter steps out, mound visit, grand slam, new pitcher, ect. I’m glad we were able to hit on that because that was a big price and I certainly did not expect Greinke to give up as many runs as he did – 8 earned. College football Saturday but before we get to football, I’ve got a baseball winner for you.


Cubs (Hendricks) 5x baseballs – Hendricks has held the Brewers lineup to a .202 avg in 129 at bats. On the flip side, the Cubs lineup is hitting just under 300 against Suter in 34 career at bats. Great match up and I know Saturdays are for football now but I think this is a must play.


Straight plays:

So last weekend, straight picks went 2-1 for College Football. Our loss came with UCLA losing a game with absolutely no defense played and we should have just taken the over. I don’t usually bring up losses a week later because I only hang on to them until the next day when we make our picks. BUT this one stung a little bit. Why? This was the first loss we took on a straight pick the entire CFF season, 3 weeks in. I guess that’s not terrible but you guys know me, I like to go on unbelievable winning streaks! Let’s blame the loss of the straight pick last week on booze for breakfast and disgusting strippers distracting me at my bachelor party. New streak starts today – let’s get it.

Oklahoma State/TCU OVER 72 5x footballs – talk about a team that can score the football quickly. Let me throw you some numbers – TCU scores this season – 63, 28, 56. How about Oklahoma State scores this season – 59, 44, 59. If I do my math correctly, 72/2 we need 36 a side. After looking at t