Not a great day yesterday….all picks combined went 5-5 and it was a bad day. Cubs got walked off on which really pissed me off and Georgia showed me why I should have kept rolling with them. Let’s not talk about the Gators 1 point win with a 2 point spread. Things didn’t go out way yesterday. I’m here to make your Sunday make up for your Saturday so let’s get to the picks.



Ravens (-3) – see write up from yesterday’s post. 9:30 a.m. kickoff.

Broncos (-3) 6x footballs on a scale of 5 – I’m hearing this is a trap game for the Broncos. I think that’s what Vegas wants people to think? How is this a trap game? Oh, because the Bills beat a VERY GOOD New York Jets team 21-12 in week one and then lost 9-3 against the Panthers last week…..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The Broncos are a far superior team and I see them ROLLING in this one. I don’t think this game is going to be close at all. Who’s tied for the lead league in touchdown passes? Shocking, I know but Trevor Siemian. A mix of throwing the ball and running CJ Anderson will lead to an easy victory and cover for the Broncos today. The Bills were held to 3 points last week by the Panthers defense. If there was a way to score negative points in the NFL, the Bills would find a way today against this powerful Broncos defense. This is my favorite play of the season so far. Fuck Bills Mafia.

Buccaneers (-2.5) 5x footballs – So we have only seen this Bucs team for one game so far this year due to their opener being postponed but they looked damn good last week against the Bears team who hung around with the Falcons in week one. The Bucs D forced 4 turnovers (2 picks & 2 fumbles) last week and really set the tone to start the season. I’ve got a prediction for today, the Bucs D will force multiple turnovers against the Vikings offense today which will be led by Case Keenum because Bradford has already been ruled out. That Vikings offense only put up 9 points last week with Keenum at QB against the Steelers. I think the Bucs offense will take a step forward this week as it’s their second time working together at game speed and I think the timing with Jameis and his receivers will be better. This is another very confident pick today and I’m a little surprised at where the line is at right now in this one. I’m expecting this to be another game that adds money to your bank account, this is a must play.

Titans (-2) 4x footballs – Another pick here that I am leaning on how bad the opponent has been so far this season. The Seahawks have not scored a touchdown in two games. Now, they are probably going to score a touchdown today – I’m not saying that I expect the touchdownless drought to continue. However, I don’t think that they are going to be able to put up the points to keep up with the Titans today. Here’s some credit for the Seahawks, their defense has looked good only giving up 17 to the Packers in week one and then 9 to the Niners in week two. This Titans team is coming off of a big win against the Jaguars where they put up 37 points. I’m not factoring in the East Coast time in this one because the Seahawks lucked out and this game got scheduled for 4:05 not 1. I like the Titans to come away with this one. Like I said, the Seattle defense is good and should hold the Titans to a respectable amount of points but I haven’t seen anything from Seattle’s offense that makes me think they have what it takes to match. Titans at home.

Teasers: (always play in groups of 2 or 3)

Steelers (-1.5)

Dolphins (-0.5)

Packers (-1.5)

Falcons/Lions Over (45.5)


Funny, I didn’t post a Fanduel lineup last week due to the bachelor party festivities getting to my head and I played a 4 o’clock only entry for $4. With 8 minutes left in the Broncos/Cowboys game I was in 3rd winning $25,000. Crabtree, Anderson, Gurley, Carr, Thomas, Allen, Henry, Walsh, Oak – A couple touchdowns by Jason Witten and a pick 6 by the Broncos defense dropped my on the list pretty quickly but I was still there!! So with that said, here’s my 1 oclock lineup.

QB – Derek Carr

RB – Jonathan Stewart (Saints defense? HAHA)

RB – Le’Veon Bell (today is the day)

WR – Michael Crabtree (FOR THREE, again hopefully)

WR – Demaryous Thomas (Seimien leads the league in touchdown passes right now)

WR – Danny Amendola (Texans pass rush gets to Brady today and the Dola is his check down guy. Gimme dat YAC)

TE – Austin Hooper – high scoring game today between Falcons and Lions. A bit of a flyer here as he went off in week 1 and did nothing in week 2

K – Cody Parky

Def - Denver