Well we nailed the Memphis pick pretty spot on, destroyed. Kluber didn’t show up, Kerhsaw did and Vegas has a hockey team. Happy Saturday – the most profitable day of the week for us since College Football started (42-14 75%) after last night’s Memphis win. So let’s get to the football picks.


Straight picks:

Florida (-2.5) – 5x footballs – I really don’t think LSU is that good of a football team this year. Sure they have 3 good looking wins today but it was against Syracuse, Chattanooga, and BYU – I’m sorry LSU fans but I’m not impressed with those wins. What happened in their only game against an SEC opponent? 37-7 Miss St. Gators at home today where they already have 2 wins over SEC opponents on their belts. Make it 3 today. Again, this is another college football game that I don’t understand why the spread is -2.5? Seems like free money to me and I’m going to take it.

Now let’s take a little trip up from Gainesville to Tallahassee.

Miami – (-3) 5x footballs - DA U. Florida State got their first win last week against Wake Forest but they struggled the week before that and lost to NC State when they were a double digit favorite. Once, Francois went down against BAMA, it was pretty clear that it was going to be a tough, mediocre year for the Seminoles. The offense just isn’t the same with a Freshman leading the way. Let me get to my point, true freshman gets to go up against a very impressive Miami defense and I don’t think he is going to have much success. I think the Florida State defense will be able to contain the Miami offense but I don’t think that the FS offense will be able to outscore the Miami offense today. I like Miami in this one.