The worst Saturday of the year for sure, bad day. Happy NFL Sunday and we are due for a GOOD one. Let’s get to the picks:


Straight bets:

Bills MONEYLINE (+140) – wake your ass up and get this moneyline where it’s at before it drops! It was +150 when I woke up and it’s dropped to +140 in the last 15 minutes. The Bills have looked good in 3 out of the 4 weeks of this season. They have back to back impressive wins against the Broncos and last week IN Atlanta. Underdogs on the road in Cinci? Oh yeah, because the Bengals won 31-7 last week and Dalton looked like a god. Sorry Bengals fans, that was against the Browns (sorry to Browns fans too). This Bills defense has proven that they are legit and have two interceptions in 3 out of 4 games this year. Needless to say, I am expecting them to have multiple interceptions against Dalton today. Even after the 1-3 start for the Bengals, I am still a believer that they have a good defense. For the Bills match up today, I will say that I don’t think the Bengals good D will hold them back from scoring. The Bills were able to put up 23 on the best D in the league two weeks ago. Bills D forces turnovers against Dalton and the Bills offense takes advantage. I like the Bills to win this game straight up. #BillsMafia

Packers MONEYLINE (+120) – Packers are coming have had extra time to prepare for this showdown with the Cowboys as they had the Thursday game last week. This is really good value at plus money for this match up. The Cowboys are coming off of a loss against the LA Rams who are starting to show that they are pretty fucking legit. This Cowboys team also took a beating against the Broncos earlier this year. Their wins have come against a Giants team in weeks one who have gone on to become 0-4 and a Cardinals team who I’m not sure what to think of them quite yet. The Packers are at 3-1 and have looked pretty good most of the year. Their one loss against the Falcons was closer than it looked and if they had made any plays in the first half, they would have been right in the game. The Cowboys are ranked 20th against the pass this year and I think Rodgers is going to come out and light them up today. This game has the highest over under out of all NFL games this week and for good reason. The Packers D is 19th against the run this season so Zeke will be able to put up some yards today which will keep the Cowboys in this game into the second half. It does scare me a bit that the Cowboys will really be able to shorten the game with their ability to run against this Packers defense but I think Rodgers will be able to put up points quickly and easily when he gets his hands on the ball.

Rams moneyline (-120) – The spread is 1 in this game and even though I don’t think that will come into play, it’s not losing much to go moneyline at -120 rather than the -1 at -110. I’d rather get rid of the point in case something funky happens (like the last two Sundays). So here are the LA Rams at home taking on the Seahawks. Rams are at 3-1with their one loss coming against the Redskins. This Rams team can score some fucking points – 46, 20, 41, and 35 so far this season. Of course, they will take on the mighty “Legion of BOOM” today but I think they will be able to get the job done. Who is the main focus of this Rams offense? Correct. Todd Gurley. The Seahawks defense is 26th against the run this year allowing 134 yards per game on the ground. Call fucking Fedex for a special delivery from Todd Gurley today, he is going to run all over this defense. Yea, Kof but the Seahawks are coming off of a huge win last week when you drunkenly predicted the Colts to beat them. Yes, the Seahawks looked good last week and I was wrong about the Colts. Seahawks beat the Colts 46-18 last week but if you look back to week one, there was another team who beat the Colts 46-9. Rams are winning this ball game today.

Chiefs (-1) – From cousin Todd to cousin Kyle – I’m sure you guys know the only lifetime member of KofSports is a huge Chiefs fan and season ticket holder. So I’m sure he has already loaded his full bank account on this game because the Chiefs at -1 are an absolute fucking steal tonight. The hype is real for this Texans team and Deshaun Watson is the real deal. We get it. I’d like to say a few things though, if I may. That Tennessee team had a fucking heart attack and collapsed on the field last week when Mariota went down. Matt Cassel’s mustache just wasn’t enough to keep the Titans in the game. The week before that, where the real hype started was when this Texans team should have knocked off the defending champs at home, in Gillette, where the Patriots just don’t lose. Chiefs have been there and done that in week one so don’t come flaunting that one Texans fans. Back to my story, Week two, this Texans team barely beat the Bengals on a BORING Thursday Night game 13-9 – this is when the Watson era began. Week one this Texans team was pissed on by the Jaguars. This Chiefs, D will be the best defense that Watson has seen so far, obviously. I think the Cheifs D will force turnovers, contain him from getting away, and in the end will hold the Texans to less than 20 points tonight. This Chiefs offense has not had trouble scoring 20 or more points this season so I’m pretty confident in them to win this one on Sunday Night Football. Let’s also not forget, the Chiefs are coming off of the most epic spread cover of ALL TIME. Never Forget.

Teasers: (groups of 2 to 3):

Bills (+9)

Packers (+9)

Chiefs (+5)

Rams (+5)

Steelers (-1.5)

Eagles (-0.5)

Jets (+6)


QB – Jacoby Brissett

RB – Todd Gurley

RB – Le’Veon Bell

WR – T.Y Hilton

WR – Davante Parker

WR – Jaron Brown

TE – Jason Witten

K – Greg the Leg Zuerlein

D - Bills