Stunned. I can not believe the Yankees beat the Indians. I also can't believe the Indians dropped 3 in a row. There goes my Workd Series pick! Right out the fucking window! 


Cubs/Nats under 7.5 ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ - it's an all hands on deck kind of night but it looks like the starters will be Hendricks against Gonzalez. Pitching has dominated this series and I expect it to continue in game 5 tonight.


Teasing Eagles to +9 with over 39.5. I expect the Eagles to win this game and I believe that they are a better team than the Panthers. However, I'm rolling with the teaser at +9 and over 39.5 because picks have been weak this week so I want a LOCK. 20 a side shouldn't be an issue for these two offenses who have shown they can score!

10-12-15 I hit a parlay risk 32 to win 1500. Cha Ching. It was a 5 teamer. In honor of that, here is a 5 team parlay for today:

Eagles +145

Cubs/Nats under 7.5

Blues +105