Parlay was a tough one but I thought it had a good shot. Lock of the night was the Eagles TEASER or moneyline if you guys trusted me with it. I'm shocked with how many runs were scored in that baseball game. Unreal. I'm ready for a big weekend.


Astros (Keuchel) ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ - that's not a typo, 6x baseball emojis on this play. I will 4x the run line -1.5 on this game as well. This Astros lineup is potent, ESPECIALLY against Tanaka. They come into tonight with a .327 avg and .745 slg % against him. Bombs away? You bet. Springer 2. Correa 2. Bregman 1. Altuve 1. Reddick 1. This lineup has done damage against Tanaka in 55 at bats. May 14, 2017 - Tanaka goes 1.2 innings and allows 8 earned runs (in the Yankees wiffleball park but still). Keuchel on the other hand has had serious success against the Yankees lineup. He's held them to a .181 avg in 94 at bats. You just don't see matchups like this in the post season. Play of the year!!


Teaser on a Friday? Yes please! 

Clemson -17.5 / Washington State -10.5 - simple fact that you've got 2 top ten teams playing mediocre opponents on a Friday. I'm teasing to play it safe.


No hockey tonight, you're welcome. We need a night off and the matchups aren't great tonight. Put more money on the baseball game!