You want to talk about a bad beat? 2-0, 2 outs, 9th inning, homerun, 2-1. -1.5. does. Not. Cover. That’s one of the worst beats of all time. Fuck that!! Two mediocre teams beat top 10 teams last night too. Last night definitely wasn’t our night. BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY.


Straight picks:

South Carolina ML 5x footballs – The Gamecocks are sitting at plus money right now +130. This game starts at noon EST so get on this one quick. They will take on Tennessee, well that is if Tennessee actually shows up for the game. They were routed last week 41-0 by Georgia in front of their own fans. The week before that, they snuck by Umass who sucks. I wouldn’t say South Carolina will win in a route but I will tell you that South Carolina will win this game. Tennessee will take a loss today and then they get to go play Alabama next week. Not much motivation for this Tennessee team. LET’S GO GAMECOCKS!!

Auburn (-7.5) 5x footballs – LSU got a win last week but it was an ugly win over Florida. 17-16. LSU has been an up and down team for the last five weeks and this week will be a down week. Auburn is a very strong football team per usual and they are going to win by double digits today. Look at these wins against SEC opponents 51-14, 49-10, 44-23. They will get another big win against another SEC opponent today. BET ON THAT.

Texas A&M ML 4x footballs – Sitting right at +110 right now, I find this moneyline to be pretty good value against the Gators who screwed us last week. Although I’m not making this bet against Florida just because they screwed us over last week. Texas A&M impressed me last week when they hung around with Bama. First team of the year to hang around with Bama and come within 10 points. Sitting at 5-2 on the season, I think the Aggies will go into Gainesville and beat the Gators. I know they are all hyped in Florida for the uniforms and I have to admit, BADASS. BUT – I think TAM is the better football team and they will come out with the win tonight.

Teasers: (take in groups of 2 or 3):

South Carolina (+9)

Auburn (-1.5)

Texas A&M (+8.5)

NC State (-5.5)

Miami (0)

Oregon (+16)

Michigan (-2)

TCU (-1)

College Football trends: (I want to start documenting this to review each week). This shows what % of the public’s money is bet on each team.

Michigan (-7.5) – 72% $ on Michigan

South Carolina (+3) 58% $ on SC

Air Force (-7.5) – 75% $ on AF

Auburn (-7) – 65% $ on Auburn

Texas A&M (+2.5) – 58% $ on TAM

Georgia (-29.5) – 63% $ on UGA


Astros (Verlander) – 5x baseballs – what do you know, another Yankees pitcher who has been pounded by this Astros lineup. The Stros have a .362 avg and .638 slg% against Severino in 47 at bats. Verlander gets the ball for the Astros who has held the Yankees lineup to a .258 avg in 124 at bats. Moneyline is at -136 and that’s not a bad price for this matchup – Let’s go Stros!

69% of $ on Astros

Dodgers (Kershaw) (-1.5) – Kershaw and the -1.5 are our peanut butter and jelly. I’m liking the -1.5 tonight in game one. Kershaw has held this Cubs lineup to a .215 avg in 121 at bats with 44 strikeouts. The Cubs are still yet to make an announcement on their game 1 starter but I’m hearing it is going to be Quintanna. The Dodgers lineup has 30 career at bats against him and they own a .333 avg and .633 slg%.

79% of $ on Dodgers