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Stanford moneyline hit for those of you who took a whack! Celtics don’t cover by 1 point after Kyrie goes out with concussion symptoms – what happened to the good ol days in sports where players could just play ball? Caps/Pens don’t hit the over and we have ourselves a 1-2 night. Hopefully you hit the plus money on Stanford so it wasn’t too bad of a losing night unit wise for you. That Stanford win gets us to 64-28 (70%) on the College Football season, wow. Better news than that? It’s fucking College Football Saturday. Let’s go. Send me some “KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS” videos on twitter today guys, I need some love.


Straight plays:

Iowa Moneyline – 4x – so the people I have talked to in my inner circle tell me I’m crazy for this one because Iowa is coming off a huge emotional win against Ohio State and all that. Here’s what I say back – “bullshit.” It wasn’t just an emotional win, they absolutely fucking smoked Ohio State 55-24. It wasn’t even close. So they had a lucky week and caught Ohio State on a bad week? Ok sure, but they beat another top ten team earlier this year against Penn State. Please circle an impressive win on Wisconsin’s 9-0 schedule. +3 fucking 20. Iowa. Moneyline. This will make them 3-0 against top ten teams and prove that Wisconsin isn’t for real. Side note – I’m not even an Iowa fan.

Georgia (-2.5) 5x footballs – Remember when I called Georgia’s rise before they hit it? Yea, me too, I just wanted to remind you guys. So today they take on Auburn and we get a nice -2.5 spread that they should cover easily. I respect Auburn and we have played them multiple times this year but today it’s all about the Bull DAWGS. One thing I’ll say about Auburn is that they struggled with Clemson in week two which was the only other game that they have had against a top ten team. They get to play #1 and #2 over the next three weeks and I can promise you that we will be playing the 1 and 2. UGA won 24-10 last week against South Carolina but they are due for a bounce back game. Yea, that’s how good they are – we call it a bounce back game after a 24-10 win. Go UGA!

Alabama (-13.5) 5x footballs – I’m not sure if I like UGA or Bama better today but I love both of them today. Bama has #16 Mississippi State and it’s a double digit spread which may scare some people. Not me. AND NOT YOU. Here’s two games I want to point out to you from Miss State’s schedule. Back to back weeks when they got destroyed by Georgia 31-3 and Auburn 49-10. Bama is another high powered SEC team that will go into Mississippi tonight and embarrass them. Don’t let the double digit spread spook you.

Teasers: (play in groups of 2-3 so you don’t get burnt)

Iowa (+18)

Georgia (+4.5)

Bama (-7.5)

Michigan State (+23)

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