Two whole years, time flies when you are winning. As always – I want to thank my VIP members, my loyal followers, and any haters who try to match the results and numbers that I consistently put up. But seriously fuck those guys. As a gift to my whole following (KofSports Nation) I offer up a free day of picks today for everybody. Lock em up.


Wizards (-1) 5x basketballs – For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big trend guy. This match up consists of two teams that are trending in OPPOSITE directions (I like to use CAPS to get my points across). The Heat have been up and down so far this season and are coming off of a loss to the Pistons on Sunday. The Wizards have won three straight and even though those three wins have been against the Lakers, Hawks, and Kings – I think this team is starting to get it figured out. Let’s not forget that most experts had predicted this Wizards team to finish as a top 3 seed in the East (THE EAST LOL) this season and were a 4 seed last season. No big time injuries to report on this one. I just find it hard to believe that the Wizards are only favored by 1. I’m going with the Wiz.

Cavs (-1.5) 5x basketballs – how to get more followers? Give LeBron some love. Just kidding – I’ve got better reasoning for this pick than that. The Cavs have won 3 out of their last 5 and one of those losses was a close game in Houston (A LEGIT TEAM TO FUCK WITH). The Hornets have lost 4 straight and even though they were in a close game against the Celtics (ANOTHER LEGIT TEAM TO FUCK WITH) they have some ugly losses to the Knicks, TWolves, and Spurs before that. LeBron got his day off after Monday’s close game against the Knicks (he’s getting old and needs the rest). With the day off, I expect the Cavs to go into Charlotte and take care of business tonight.

2 team teaser:

Pistons (+8) / Magic (+9) – 5x basketballs