Well we celebrated the two year anniversary the right way going undefeated yesterday, a clean sweep and they were all pretty easy wins. I’m hoping for more of the same tonight! You guys are probably anxiously awaiting my pick for a specific basketball game tonight so let’s get to the picks.


Steelers (-1) Over (38.5) – 5x footballs – I get confident with teasers but looking at this one, I have to say that there is no way I see this one losing unless there is a major injury of some sort. The Steelers have played 6 of their 9 games on the road so far this season yet they are still 7-2. That speaks to how strong of a team they are even though they’ve had a few shaky games. One of those games was at home against the Jags when Big Ben threw 5 picks. The Titans are quietly having a pretty good season as they come into tonight’s game at 6-3. One thing that has been pretty consistent is their offense other than a few odd ball games. Needless to say, I don’t think 20 a side will be tough for these two teams to score tonight. And to go with the over at 38.5, if you are giving me the Steelers at home by -1 I’m taking that all day. I’m really liking this NFL teaser and I think this will be our fourth straight prime time NFL teaser win in a row.


Canadiens ML 4x hockey sticks – Montreal isn’t the same team that they have typically been but they are playing the Coyotes tonight who are 2-15-3. I will take my odds with the Habs tonight even though the line is down around -190. I still think it’s worth it and I don’t see them losing tonight.

Lightning ML 5x hockey sticks – Best team in hockey 14-2-2 will host the Stars who come in as a .500 team. I think the Stars will finish the season better than .500 but I don’t see them as much of a threat in Tampa tonight. There will be some revenge on the line for Ben Bishop when he returns to Tampa for the first time. He may be out for revenge but that still doesn’t change the fact that the Lightning lead the NHL in goals per game at 3.9. Give me the Bolts!


Celtics +7.5 5x basketballs – Here’s the game I know you guys were waiting for my pick. AND I know you didn’t expect me to take the Warriors but I’m betting you were wondering if I would be hammering the Celtics moneyline. So moneyline? I could see it but it’s safer to take the +7.5. A lot of experts are expecting Golden State to blow the Celtics out tonight but I’m here to tell you why it won’t be a blow out. DEFENSE. The Celtics have the best defense in the league right now (numbers don’t lie). Also – this Celtics lineup is better than the last few years when the Celtics have played some very tight games with this powerful Warriors team. I’m not out here screaming to take the moneyline because I’m expecting a great game tonight but I think the Celtics defense and Brad Stephens will keep the Celts in this one right until the end.