Well we celebrated the two year anniversary the right way going undefeated yesterday, a clean sweep and they were all pretty easy wins. I’m hoping for more of the same tonight! You guys are probably anxiously awaiting my pick for a specific basketball game tonight so let’s get to the picks.


Steelers (-1) Over (38.5) – 5x footballs – I get confident with teasers but looking at this one, I have to say that there is no way I see this one losing unless there is a major injury of some sort. The Steelers have played 6 of their 9 games on the road so far this season yet they are still 7-2. That speaks to how strong of a team they are even though they’ve had a few shaky games. One of those games was at home against the Jags when Big Ben threw 5 picks. The Titans are quietly having a pretty good season as they come into tonight’s game at 6-3. One thing that has been pretty consistent is their offense other than a few odd ball games. Needless to say, I don’t think 20 a side will be tough for these two teams to score tonight. And to go with the over at 38.5, if you are giving me the Steelers at home by -1 I’m taking that all day. I’m really liking this NFL teaser and I think this will be our fourth straight prime time NFL teaser win in a row.


Canadiens ML 4x hockey sticks – Montreal isn’t the same team that they have typically been but they are playing the Coyotes tonight who are 2-15-3. I will take my odds with the Habs tonight even though the line is down around -190. I still think it’s worth it and I don’t see them losing tonight.

Lightning ML 5x hockey sticks – Best team in hockey 14-2-2 will host the Stars who come in as a .500 team. I think the Stars will finish the season better than .500 but I don’t see them as much of a threat in Tampa tonight. There will be some revenge on the