Pistons and Wizards let us down last night. A 36-19 4th quarter was the killer for us. I looked late and I thought the Pistons had it locked up. Tough one! Happy College Football Saturday boys let’s get back on track!



Illinois (+41) 5x footballs – 41 is a lot of points. I know Ohio State just covered -44 last week against a much better team but I don’t see them covering (-41) today. Do I think Illinois is a great team? No, and they are far from it. However, I think they are good enough to cover 41 against Ohio State. A few games to point out for Illinois is a 24-10 loss against Wisconsin, 45-16 loss against Iowa, and 47-23 loss against USF. Those three games give me the confidence to believe that they will be able to hang around (within 41 points) of the Buckeyes today.

Memphis/SMU OVER (71.5) 5x footballs – 36 a side? Why not. Look at some of these scores – Memphis 37, 48, 44, 70, 30, 42, 56, 41. How about SMU? 58, 54, 25, 44, 49, 31, 38, 40. Seems like an absolute lock to go over 71.5 today. Both of these teams have very good offenses and not very good defenses. It’s a numbers game today and there will be a lot of 7’s getting thrown up on the scoreboard.

UCF (-13.5) 5x footballs – Central Florida will be taking on Temple today. What happened to Temple last time they played a top 25 team from Florida? They got their fucking asses kicked 43-7. So what can you throw at me for a reason for the ass kicking? Ok, that game was in Florida and it was REALLY hot and humid. This game is in Philly so the Temple boys will be in their comfort zone right? Not going to buy the home/away or weather making a 36 point difference. Now, I’m not saying this game will be an absolute blowout but (-13.5) seems like taking candy from a baby here.

Teasers: (play in groups of 2 to 3)

UCF (-7.5)

Miami (-13)

Michigan State (-9.5)


My favorite teaser combo so far this season:

Rockets (-4) / Celtics (-3) – 5x basketballs


Senators 4x hockey sticks – #bet against the Coyotes