7-4 yesterday but Bama really fucked me. How bout that Memphis over though? And Celtics cover again!


Teasers first this week(play in groups of 2-3)

Bengals (-1.5)

Patriots (-10.5)

Seahawks (-1)

Saints (+8)

Falcons (-4)

Steelers (-8)

Straight picks:

Panthers (-5.5) 5x footballs - The Panthers have a nice little three game winning streak going and they are coming off of a bye week. Cam might be hungover after celebrating the Auburn win over Bama but I can't think of any other reasons why the Panthers don't cover this spread today. The Jets are fucking crashing boys...literally they have one win in their last five games and its against the Bills...........👀

Seahawks (-7) 5x footballs - coming off of a loss to the Falcons, the Seahawks will look to bounce the fuck back. Maybe Pete will kick the field goal in an obvious situation but probably not. I don't think it'll matter because I don't see this game being close. Russell will torch this 49ers defense and the 49ers offense will not be able to keep up.

Saints (+105) 5x footballs - the Rams really let us down last week. 24-7 loss against the Vikes who are clearly a good team. You want to talk about a hot team? Let's talk about the Saints. I mean since week three they have DJ Khaled ALL I DO IS WIN bumping in the locker room after every game. What's surprised me is how heavily the Saints and Drew Brees have relied on the running game this year. I think they will be able to continue the ground and pound today since the Rams currently rank 28 out of 32 against the run. Saints will march to victory.

I might send out a few more bets while I'm tailgating so keep your eyes open!