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I broke my own rule last night and it burnt us all – never go all out on one single game because no matter what the facts say, anything can happen. I knew that -2 was too good to be true and I still fell for it. Redskins with two fumbles in their own zone to get the Cowboys going early and a punt return where it really didn’t look like any attempts to make a tackle were made. All good though – we are still sitting at 64% on the NFL season so as much as this one stings, I know that we will make up for it.


Yup, tough day yesterday but I’m teeing it up again today! Tee it high and let it fucking fly!

Round Matchups:

Thomas over Hoffman

Fowler over Fleetwood

Spieth over Molinari


Teaser – Stanford (+10) / Over (52) 5x footballs – so these two teams met back in week two and USC took the big 42-24 win. With that in mind, I do think that both of these offenses will come out firing tonight and I think that they can cover the teased over. Why am I taking Stanford with the points when they lost by 18 last game? Well, let’s take a look at what each one of these teams has done since that match up. We can start with USC – they have gone 1-2 against top 25 teams since then. One very ugly loss for them was the 49-14 beat down they took from Notre Dame. Stanford has gone 3-1 against top 25 teams since then and guess who they beat 38-20 last week? That same team who laid that beat down on USC 49-14, Notre Dame. Give me Stanford with 10 points and this game to go over 52. The start to championship weekend that we need!


Penguins 5x hockey sticks – The Pens come in to this one at 13-10-3, not great but definitely a much better team than the Sabres who are coming in at 6-15-4. I’m guessing this moneyline will continue to creep down throughout the day so I would jump on it as early as possible.

Not crazy about any NBA or NCAAM matchups tonight.


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