Steelers come from behind and win another close one but don’t cover the spread – they will get away with it for now, but if they think they will be able to play from behind in the AFC Championship game….good luck! Crazy comeback by the Warriors last night being down 20 at half and still covering a -10 point spread – unbelievable. Good teams win, great teams cover is what they say.

So you might have saw the tweet about a possible free blog being offer on my site. Before you guys get all worried that I’m going to start offering picks for free when you’re paying for them, RELAX. Let me explain it a little more. It’s going to be a separate blog from the VIP page that everyone will have free access to. My plan is to do daily or every other day write ups on different sports topics, entertainment, ect. Yes, there will be some free picks thrown out once in a while but it will be about as frequent as when I tweet out free plays. Why am I doing it? Because I’m a man of the people, and I give people what the fucking want. I think the poll started out with 35 yes and 1 no so it’s clear to me that there is some interest. VIP picks will stay the same and you will continue to get your 3 to 5 picks per day across all major sports in season with the same write ups that I do. Sometime good breakdowns, sometimes you can tell when I’m hungover and only post the picks with no breakdown, sometimes we go 10-0 when I’m hungover. Life happens. VIP is where my heart is at and where it always will be. We will continue to profit every week, I promise you that. Now let’s get to the fucking picks:


Blues 5x hockey sticks – good value tonight on the Blues with an even moneyline and they are clearly the better team. No back to back for the Blues to worry about so they are fresh and ready to go.

Jets 5x hockey sticks – Gimme the Jets coming in at (-130) in a game against the Red Wings who have lost seven games in a row. I know the Grizzlies snapped a long win streak to burn us in the NBA last night but I don’t expect the Wings to do the same tonight. Good value on the Jets.


Teaser: Villanova (-0.5) / Texas A&M (+3) 4x basketballs with it being this early in the season but I like these match ups tonight.