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Great night last night going undefeated! Cha Ching! Tonight, I’m liking a parlay of some steak, beer, and football! I’m really liking the football game and I’ll get to that in a minute. There’s also a lot of opportunity in the NHL tonight so let’s get to the picks.


I usually give the pick first and then the breakdown but I’m going to switch it up today and give the breakdown and then the pick. So the Falcons are home tonight and they are favored by (-2.5). The Saints are coming off of a win and the Falcons are coming off a loss. Facts. That’s all I’m throwing. One thing I really like about this matchup is that it’s a divisional game late in the year so we can really see what each team has done against similar (a lot of the same) opponents. So let’s take a look at some results:

Saints: Falcons:

@Vikings L 29-19 Vikings L 14-9

Pats L 36-20 @Pats L 23-7

Panthers W 34-13 & 31-21 @Panthers L 20-17

@Dolphins W 20-0 Dolphins L 20-17

Lions W 52-38 @Lions L 20-17

@Packers W 26-17 (No Rodgers) Packers W 34-23 (with Rodgers)

Bears W 20-12 @Bears W 23-17

Bucs W 30-10 Bucs W 34-20

@Bills W 47-10 Bills L 23-17

@Rams L 26-20 @Seahawks W 34-31

So all the same opponents except the final two which I view the Rams and Seahawks as similar teams. So let’s look at the differences here and use that to start analyzing this match up. Saints beat the Panthers twice and the Falcons lost a close game once. Saints beat the Dolphins 20-0 and the Falcons lost 20-17. Saints beat the Lions 52-38 and the Falcons lost 20-17. Saints beat the Bills 47-10 and the Falcons lost 23-17. Saints throwing haymakers when it comes to the same opponent comparisons. Now, that win on the road against the Seahawks for the Falcons is impressive compared to the Saints loss to the Rams. Credit where credit is due. I’m sure you are starting to catch on here, I like the Saints tonight. Running the ball is a huge part of the Saints gameplan this year and it has worked for them, they are ranked 3rd in the NFL for rushing yards per game at 142.6. The Falcons rushing defense is definitely not impressive and they come in to this game ranked 18th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game at 113. I think the Saints rushing attack will prevail against the Falcons average at best rush defense. This is going to allow the Saints to control the game. However, even with the Saints controlling the game, I expect it to be an up tempo game. Both teams are allowing an average of 20 points per game but I think that both teams will allow more than 20 points tonight. I think the Saints at plus money is the obvious play but my official play tonight is Saints teased to (8.5) and OVER (46). 5x footballs. Tell me that one doesn’t seem too good to be true? I’ll fucking take it.


Like I said, there is some good opportunity on the ice tonight. Tonight is a hammer time kind of night for NHL.

Bruins ML 5x hockey sticks – bet against the Coyotes.

Lightning ML 5x hockey sticks – best team in the league taking on an average team.

Kings ML 4x hockey stocks – another lop sided match up with a heavy moneyline.

All three of these moneylines are heavy so what I’m going to do is play each one individually and all three in a parlay. The parlay pays (+229). I’m so confident in this parlay that if it doesn’t hit, I’ll extend everyone’s membership for one week at no charge.