The picture says it all, “Live life like a 3-1 count,” – fucking swing away. That’s exactly what I’m doing by starting up the free blog that all of my followers will have access to. I feel like I need to offer something to every single follower, not just my VIP guys. I’ll tell you up front, the free blog won’t be making you as much money as the VIP blog does but it will include free picks. Why did I start KofSports? To talk sports, entertain people, and make people money. I feel like I have done a pretty good job of all three of those things over the last two plus years. Adding a free blog to my site will allow me to do even more of those three things. You’ve all seen the 30 for 30 (if you haven’t yet, you better get on the site home page and check it out). I’m a man of the people, I give the people what they fucking want! So with that said, let me lay out my vision for this free blog:

  • Sports – I will offer my opinion on certain sporting events / recent sporting news that are/is currently taking place in the sports world. My site/posts are tailored for gamblers but not all of my posts on the free blog will be about gambling. Opinions, predictions, game recaps, and more will be offered.

  • Entertainment – once again, sports are the majority of what entertain me and my fans but not all entertainment will be sports related. If something is going on in the world like World War 3 then I will obviously talk about it.

  • Make people money – this is what 99% of you are here for and I’m going to constantly feed you guys winners so you keep coming back. Like I said before, this blog won’t make you as much as the VIP blog so don’t expect 3-5 plays per day like that but there will be free picks, game previews, ect.

So those are the top three things that I started KofSports for and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.

A huge part to make this blog successful will be engagement with my followers – I beg you guys to send stuff in that you want to see posted on the blog. Whether it’s a question/opinion on a certain sports topic, entertainment/news, a question on an upcoming game/series that you want me to breakdown, or a pic/video of you and your buddies tailgating at a game. You know I’m a man of the people and I give you what you want, so DM me or email Kofsports@yahoo.com any content or questions that you want to see on the blog.

I appreciate all of the support and I’m going to keep talking sports, entertaining, and making each and every one of you money!