Well Matt Ryan throwing an interception in the end zone and the Saints illegal formation before half time (or the interception by Matt Ryan before that) costs us the over and the Thursday Night Football teaser. The good news is that all three hockey plays hit and the parlay that was paying more than 2 to 1 plus an extra week of VIP access if it lost won. This is the first day with the VIP picks technically on a new page so hopefully you all were able to find it with no problem. I’m sure if any of you can’t, you will be DMing me asking what the fuck is going on. You all had access to the free blog debut post yesterday before everyone so hopefully you had a few minutes to check it out! But most importantly, let’s get to the picks for tonight:


Cavs (-4.5) 5x basketballs – The Cavs are going for their 14th straight win tonight against the Pacers. They are coming off of a game where they had a scare and the streak was in jeopardy against the Kings BUT if you want to talk about a scare, let’s talk about a scare. The Pacers were getting blown out but somehow managed to sqeeze by the 3-19 (at the time 3-20 now) Bulls. They were favored by 10 in that game but won by 2. The Pacers have been up and down this season, win an impressive game and then lose a disappointing game. As for the Cavs, they have been dominating everyone (except the last game). The Cavs had a day off so they are fresh and ready to go tonight. I like the Cavs to win big tonight against the Pacers on the same floor that the Pacers squeezed by the weak ass Bulls two nights ago.

Celtics ML 5x basketballs – why would I take the +2 at -110 when I could get the Celts moneyline at plus money +110? I wouldn’t. Big note on this game is that Kawhi Leonard is still out, he is scheduled to make his return tomorrow. One interesting trend with this matchup is that the Spurs are coming off of a two game win streak against the last two teams who the Celtics lost to (Heat, Pistons). However, every match up is different and I think the Celts will have the upper hand on the Spurs tonight (upper hand as in hand in their face defense). Pretty much any time I can get the Celtics at plus money this year, I’m going to take it. Simple as that.

A teaser of Cavs (-0.5) / Celtics (+6) is VERY appealing to me and I will be playing that as well.


Blackhawks 4x hockey sticks – pretty heavy money line but if you hammer it you will be able to get a good payout. Kof – why you telling us to hammer a team who has lost 5 in a row? The Sabres haven’t been much better and are 1-4 in their last five. Based on some of the recent interviews after the BHawks last game, this game tonight is a statement game for them. Look for them to roll tonight.

The 120 parlay club: NEW

This is a new area to the VIP picks that I will be including every day. Basically what this is going to be is a spot where I post a daily moneyline parlay that gets us (-120) or better odds. The goal and mindset is to build parlays with big moneyline favorites and get as close to even odds as possible without relying on more than 3 or 4 games to hit. This is a good strategy to consistently get close to even money odds on games where the results are more than 75% likely to be in our favor. So with that, let’s look at the first even (-120) play:

Raptors / Cavs (+111)