Last night was a tough night…Cavs cost us by losing to the Pacers who just beat the 3-20 Bulls by two the other night. Celts played a close game and had the shot by Kyrie at the buzzer that was in and out. The Blackhawks got the win for us but it was far from a statement game like I was thinking! You had a late night live stream with all NFL early picks for this Sunday brought to you by Bud Light. Let’s have a bounce back day today!


Navy (-3) 4x footballs – Army comes into this game with a better record than Navy but Navy has a few impressive losses (if a loss can be impressive). I like the fact that they hung around with Memphis and held the Memphis offense to 30 points. I like the fact that they played close games against UCF and Notre Dame. Army had one shot at a top 25 team this year and they lost 38-7 against Ohio State. Based off of that and the fact that the triple option brings back memories of NCAAF 2003 on the PS2, I’m putting my money on Navy to cover the (-3) today.


Wizards (-3) 4x basketballs – Not much is going well for the Clippers this year. ESPN really tried to hype them up at the beginning of the season but they just aren’t very good. The Wizards have won two impressive games after that beat down they took against the Jazz. John Wall is out but just get the ball to Bradley Beal! I think the Wizards run away with this game today.

Knicks (-3) 5x basketballs – I don’t think the Knicks are a great team by any means but they are in a great spot today. The 4-20 Bulls got their 4th win of the season last night but they are on a back to back tonight and the Knicks have been off since Wednesday. Back to backs with travel are tough for any team but especially the Bulls. They are 0-3 in back to backs so far this season and they will be 0-4 after tonight. I really really really like the Knicks in this spot today.


Blue Jackets 5x hockey sticks – bet against the Coyotes!

Kings 5x hockey sticks – great value on the moneyline at (-135) for a Kings team that is 13 points ahead of the Hurricanes in the standings.

(-120) club parlay:

Duke / Kentucky / Rockets / Blue Jackets (+102) – sup?