Bad day yesterday, sometimes things just don’t go the way they should. Wizards and Knicks with the big time let downs. Can you believe the Bulls have won two games in a row? Army Navy – next year I’ll just bet the over on how many commercials they play. 2-0 on hockey thankfully to balance out the day a bit. -120 club – two days in a row this didn’t hit. I didn’t think Boston College had any chance of beating Duke yesterday, the spread was (-14.5) Duke was #1 in the country. However, It was a foolish move to include the (-1600) in the parlay because it realistically only moved the odds like 10 points on the moneyline. Anyways – hopefully you saw the tweet late in the day to play the Rockets / Blue Jackets at (-108) because that hit. For some of you guys who are newer, this is me – I don’t try to cover up the fact when I lose. It’s sports betting and if you are going to bet, there are days when you are going to lose, that’s how it works. It’s all about the long run and if you play my system and manage your money, you’re going to profit. Last Sunday we went 10-0, it’s Sunday, let’s fucking go.


Straight bets:

Cowboys (-3.5) 4x footballs – I would buy the half point to get this one at (-3) to protect against any fix. However, here are the Cowboys in a great spot after a long week of preparation and coming off of a HUGE win against the Redskins. The playoffs might be a stretch for the Boys but they need to win today if they want to keep the possibility alive. On the flip side, the Giants are still pretty bad. Eli will be back at quarterback today and they will have their interim coach. I don’t think it will matter and I like the Cowboys to cover because they are a much better team.

Jets (-120) 5x footballs – The Jets will be in Denver which is known to be a really tough place to play. The problem is is that the Broncos aren’t a tough team to play this year so I’m throwing that factor right out the window. The Broncos has lost 8 straight games and have looked really bad. The Jets have been changing altitude week to week but they are coming off of a good win against the Chiefs. I still view it as a good win even though the Chiefs have been struggling. The Jets are realistically in the AFC Wild card hunt and they are just one game out right now. They have more to play for today than the Broncos do. You won’t catch me saying this much but – J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!