12/11 Carson Wentz goes down plus MNF Free Pick

Carson Wentz suffers a torn ACL and his season is over.

Let’s take a live look at my favorite Eagles fan:


His reactions sum up the extreme of most Eagles fans. “Sucks to suck” huh EDP445? That’s what you said when the Eagles came into Gillette and beat the Pats in 2015. We met at tailgating after the game and you kept saying it “sucks to suck.”

So this means a whole lot for the NFL outlook for the rest of this season and the post season. Obviously we probably won’t be betting on the Eagles again this season. Their season is certainly over and I don’t expect them to win a playoff game this season. It’s too early to look at the match ups but really I can see any team getting in beating them at this point. Yea, Carson Wentz is THAT good of a player. Which leads me to the next topic I’d like to discuss.

The media outside of New England instantly scrambling to come up with other MVP candidates so that Tom Brady doesn’t win it. Let’s pretend that Wentz didn’t get hurt: