When it rains it fucking snows! We are in a serious cold streak over the last 4 or 5 days. I'm a man if my word and I'm extending everyone's membership by one month at no charge. I currently have 37 active "monthly" members and that doesn't count he yearly, 6 month, and weekly guys. $50 x 37 is $1,850 that won't be going into my pocket over the next month and that doesn't count the weekly, 6 month, and year members. I don't think any of you lost more than me on that parlay. I don't give away the free month extensions a lot but that's because we don't usually have cold streaks like this. Once in a while a cold streak will come along and I take care of my guys. So we really need a winning night tonight to turn things around and break out of this funk. Since things have been cold, let's start out on the fucking ice.


Rangers ML (-115) 5x hockey sticks - This is value and this is a slump buster. I'm not sure how the moneyline is where it's at tonight but this is stealing. The Rangers come into this game with 7 more wins on the season than the Sens and the Rangers are 3-1-1 in their last 5 games while the Sens are 0-4-1. I'm taking the value here and I haven't been this confident in a hockey play in a long time!

Bruins ML (-140) 4x hockey sticks - obviously not as confident in this one as the Rangers pick and it's not just so you guys don't call me a homer. The Bruins have a good matchup tonight against the Red Wings but it's not as good of a matchup as the Rangers against the Senators. The Bruins have been heating up and are 4-1-0 in their last 5 games while the Red Wings are 1-3-1 with that one win being a game that we bet against them. Good karma is on our side and I like the Bs in this matchup tonight.