12/13 Ohtani fucks the Angels.

Check this out:


Look at that fucking smile. Here's a translation from English to Chinese and vise versa on what that smile says:

"Wo cao Nile" not sure how to pronounce it but I can say the English version, "I FUCKED YOU!"

I didn't think the Angels would be the team to get fucked by this guy and his agent but it seems as though they are the unlucky team. Now if you read through the article it says that the Angels knew this guy was hurt before the signed him but I don't buy it. Granted, they got him for a $2.31 million contract which I will touch on next but they paid $20 million just to talk to the guy. There's not a MLB GM in his right mind that would pay $20 mil to talk to a guy (who is a pitcher) if they knew he had ligament damage in his pitching elbow. Sorry to all the Angels fans but you got fucked by this guy. It says he will still pitch in 2018 but let's see if his fastball is touching 102 in his debut.

I never buy into the hype of players coming over from Japan especially pitchers and the reason for that is because it's a different game over there. All pitchers come over with the same mindset and pitch the same way that they do in the Japanese league. They end up walking a lot of people and extend game times because they throw so many fucking balls. The difference here is that the hitters have a lot more discipline. Go watch some Japanese pitchers highlights from the Japanese league and I guarantee all of them will include multiple hitters chasing fastballs above their fucking eyes. Let's see how this guy pans out.

Next - this guy's injury must be pretty severe or he's just a fucking idiot. He took a contract for $2.31 million but if he waited two more years he could come to the MLB as an unrestricted free agent and get paid over $100 million. I'm guessing scenerio one is what is unfolding. But hey, we will see in the next season or two how this guy does. If he really turns out to be the next Babe Ruth then the Angels got a steal. I think it's looking like they got fucked in this one and only time will tell.