It's the most wonderful time of the year ding dong ding dong. College Football Bowl season starts up tomorrow and goes through New Year's Day. Pretty exciting time to be  a sports bettor (well everyday is exciting if you're a sports bettor). Here's some advice that will save you some money this bowl season - don't just bet on a game because it's on TV and you, "need some excitement." You don't need to bet on every single bowl game, as much as I know you all want to. I'll point out some of the bowl games that I have my eyes on for this season and I'll break down a game for tomorrow and hook you guys up with a free pick.

All eyes on the following match ups:

Texas Tech / South Florida - 12/23

Houston / Fresno State - 12/24

Stanford / TCU - 12/28

USC / Ohio State - 12/29

Wisconsin / Miami - 12/30

Washington / Penn State - 12/30

Central Florida / Auburn - 1/1

LSU / Notre Dame - 1/1

AND...... Obviously the real playoff match ups on New Years Day. Man, that is going to be a pretty sweet hangover. I will probably be getting my appetite back right around kickoff of the Georgia and Oklahoma game. It'll probably be a BONE IN kind of night. Anyways - I'm not going to break down all the games now because I'm going to do that when they get closer. Let's take a closer look at that Oregon / Boise State game that's kicking off tomorrow.

North Texas / Troy (-7) - I'm taking Troy to cover the (-7) in this match up. The Mean Green of North Texas haven't done anything to impress me all season long. The decent teams who they have played have kicked the shit out of them. 54-32 loss to SMU (I have a hard time calling them decent but I'll roll with it), 31-14 loss to Iowa, and two ass whooping a against Florida Atlantic 69-31 & 41-17. Let's look at Troy who has pretty much ran train on their schedule other than the losses to Boise State and South Alabama. Highlight of the year was a win over LSU in Death Valley. I would consider Troy better than "decent" and we know what happens when North Texas plays a "decent" team. "Troy - bring em out to the wood shed and whoop dey ass!"

@Kofsports pick - Troy (-7)

I've got a few emails from you guys letting me know that you like the free blog and to keep up the good work. I appreciate the support from all of you! I want to get more engagement with the followers so email me any topics you want to see discussed on the free blog or let me know which College Bowl games you want me to break down as we get closer.