1-1 last night thanks for the fucking Leafs!! Let me tell you, I was sweating out the OVER in the Celts game. Let's just say things were COLD in the 2nd quarter and it seemed like no one could hit a shot for either team. For a stretch in the 2nd quarter I really thought I was watching a middle school game. I also had a guy behind me at the Garden screaming about every single play. I bet he's a pretty solid middle school girls basketball coach somewhere in Mass, LOOOzahh!! Anyway, the over ended up hitting thanks to both teams getting hot in the 2nd half. If they didn't go on that cold stretch they would have blown the over away. 1-1 not great but not a bad day. That middle school girls coach behind me DEFINITELY had the Celts (-5.5) by the way he was freaking out on every play. Nice slate of games today and let's start with the N F L on a Saturday.


Lions (4.5) 5x footballs - I'm seeing this line at 4.5 on some sites and 5 on others so I'm guessing if you wait until later this afternoon to lock it in that you can get it at (-4.5). The Lions won the first battle between these two teams by a field goal earlier this season in Chicago. DA Bears are coming off of a HUGE win last week against the Bengals. However, I like the Lions to cover at home today. They are still in contention for a wild card spot even though I don't think they will get in but they absolutely need the win today in order to keep their chances alive. Saturday afternoon NFL game - crowd should be rocking to say the least. Give me the Lions at home.

Chiefs (+1) 4x footballs - Did someone say rocking? ArrowHead will be fucking ROCKING on a Saturday Night prime time game. KGB - tweet a video to me showing how crazy the crowd is tonight. I want one from the tailgate to help me decide how hard to hammer the Chiefs tonight. Send one from inside after the first touchdown too. The Chiefs disappeared for the middle of the season but after last week's win against the Raiders I think they are back just in time for the playoffs. I think the Chiefs win out and it starts tonight with the Chargers. Final two opponents will be Miami (in KC) and @ Denver. Chargers final two opponents are the Jets and Raiders. SO I'm going to go ahead and say the winner of tonight's game will win the AFC West. I feel like one of the prime time broadcasters - state the obvious. I'll now announce the winner of the AFC West - The Kansas City Chiefs. They won the first matchup against the Chargers 24-10 but that was when they were clicking. I think they will show up tonight and they will get the win. Underdogs at home on a Saturday Night....seems like Vegas is trying to bait us into betting the Chiefs but I'm taking the bait. Lock it up lock it up.

Saturday Night 4 team teaser - Chiefs (+7) / OVER (41) / Lions (-1) / OVER (39) - man I fucking love that one.


Penguins 5x hockey sticks - #BetAgainstTheCoyotes simple as that. 

Capitals 5x hockey sticks - they are playing really good right now and are home tonight when the Ducks come to town. Give me the CAPS!

Lightning 5x hockey sticks - speaking of playing really good....Lightning are still the best team in the league and I'm taking them pretty much any time the moneyline is (-200) or better. 


If you guys took some time to check out the free blog yesterday, I posted a free pick for today. You can check out my breakdown over on the free blog if you didn't already see it. I like Troy to cover the (-6.5) today. 

Boise State / Oregon OVER (61.5) 5x footballs - Boise State has had a couple low scoring defensive battles with Fresno State at the end of the season but Fresno is a much different team than Oregon. If you look at both of these teams schedules you can see some eye popping scores this year - let's start with Boise - 44, 59, 41, 41, 44. Oregon - 69, 48, 41, 45, 49, 42, 77. O fucking K. I like this game to be in the 40's or so and that will cover the over easily but I also could see this game being higher scoring than that and just absolutely destroying the over. Pretty confident in this one.

That's all I'm posting for bowl games today but if there is one that you really want my opinion on just DM me. The earlier you get me the better because I'm going to a Christmas party tonight so I'll be boozing early. Peep my beer fridge after taking a trip up to Alchemist. Some of the best craft beer in the worrrrld. @MikeE - I have 2 heady toppers and 2 Focal Bangers for you!!