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12/17 Patriots / Steelers reaction

 What. A. Fucking. Game. That was the game of the year for the NFL. It lived up to everything that it was hyped up to be. Before I get into my reactions, let me get one thing off of my chest. Believe it or not, I took the Steelers (+3) in this game and that was one of the VIP plays today. It turned out to be a push anyway but I was thinking the Steelers would take this game. I also teased the Steelers to (+8.5) and the over to (48.5) - hit. I also took the Patriots live line at (+400) when the Steelers had the ball up 8 with less than 10 minutes left. Wow. Unbelievable finish.

Great first half by both teams, it sucks that Brown went down and I hope he's ok. Like I touched on in my VIP post from earlier today, the formula to beat the Patriots is to get pressure on Brady. The Steelers were able to do that today and it slowed down the offense big time and led to a terrible interception from Brady. The Steelers were in the drivers seat multiple times in the 4th quarter. They had the ball, up 8, and all they had to do was chew clock and get a field goal. They punt, Brady puts together a drive, and the Pats had to settle for a field goal. Steelers get the ball back, up 5, in the drivers seat. Just chew some clock and get a score. Nope. They give the ball back to Tom Brady. THE GREATEST FUCKING QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME! He leads a drive (his 51st come from behind drive in the 4th/OT in his career) to put the Pats ahead 27-24. If any of you ever need my passcode for anything it's 1287. That's Brady to GRONK. That was a display of domination on those final drives of Brady to GRONK. So at this point all Pats fans are thinking, wow worst case scenerio our shitty defense allows them to get in field goal range and we go to OT. Worst case scenerio right? WRONG! Big Ben hits the crossing route, Rowe is burned, no one remembers how to tackle, and the Steelers are down in the red zone looking for the win. Steelers fans are thinking - OK we got this no We're finally going to beat these pricks. Next play...Pats defense play a weak ass zone defense and Ben hits James for a touchdown. OR DOES HE!? "After further review, the receiver did not maintain possession." Steelers fans erupt. I don't think it was a catch. It took a long time for them to review but they got the call right. And when it's all said and done, TOM BRADY finds a way to get a win with a piss poor defense and a week offensive line. I think it's safe to say that TB12 locked up the MVP tonight. What a game and what a finish. The rematch should be just as good on January 21st at 3 o'clock. See you there!


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